The Registry Office is just your legal formality - you both sign a contract. But your 'real' marriage means so much more. Your Wedding in France celebrated in your own unique way. Whether it is with your family and friends or just the two of you, with our help, you can compose your Wedding Ceremony especially for your Special Day.


The Loving Cup





The Sands of Time .          



 For the Wedding Ceremony...

We will e-mail you our sample script to use as a framework, helping and advising you throughout the process to create you own personal ceremony. 

You select the elements you wish to include and even add your own words creating your own personal and very unique wedding. We will also send you helpful hints in planning your ceremony. Ideas for poems and readings to include and a personalised marriage declaration

to sign at the end of your ceremony.


We are happy to conduct a bi-lingual English / French ceremony if required








 The Unity Candle.





A candle lit for absent loved ones.



Some or all of the elements below can be included in your ceremony

- there are no extra fees, the candles, goblet, sand jar and knot cord are included.



The Bridal Procession to your chosen music.

Celebrants Welcome & Introduction.

A short Biography of the couple.

 Remembering Absent Loved Ones or Friends

Parents' & Friends Blessing of the Bride & Groom

[Music/Song or Readings]

Sand Ceremony or Lighting the Unity Candle

Declaration of the Marriage Vows

Blessing & Exchange of Rings

Tying the Knot Ceremony 

Sharing a Loving Cup

A Poem read by a Friend

Pronouncement & Blessing

Signing the Marriage Declaration

Final Presentation: Mr. & Mrs…!



Tying the Knot Ceremony





An extract from our script.....

 Blessing the Ring(s). 

The wedding ring is a traditional symbol of lasting commitment and enduring love. This pair of rings I bless as the manifestation of two ideals; the circle, apprehended by the hand and eyes, the universal expression of that which has no end and no beginning, and in the centre, the very essence of the love in which your marriage puts its faith and from which it draws inspiration and sustenance, tangible to the wearer. In the rings you place upon each other's hands - both of you will feel, when together or apart, the reality of your eternal love. 





Signing the Marriage Declaration.




..and if you already have little ones we would be happy to incorporate a

Baby Naming Ceremony into your Wedding.

Please contact us for details....





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