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by Cherry - 18:02 on 10 June 2016
Our wedding season is truly underway now… and not only are we busy preparing for the next weddings this year – we are also taking lots of bookings for 2017! Our three ceremonies last week went really well. The drive up to Potelieres in the Gard should have taken us 3 hours, in reality it took 4 due to unexpected road works - so it was a good job we always allow extra time. Josephine and James’s family gathering at Domaine Fontaine du Mas in Potelieres was lovely. James held their daughter Ella for most of the ceremony and their son Finn was very proud when he came forward with the rings. It’s nice to be relaxed when there are small children and not have to worry because they don’t want to sit still. The couple had chosen a great photographer too – We have worked with Fleur and her husband before and recommended her. That evening we found a nice restaurant in Alés and drew breath, glad we had decided to ‘stop over’ It gave us a few hours on Saturday to explore before we hit the road to St Christol de Rodieres for Christina and Nicolas’s wedding. As we drove nearer the clouds began to build and we arrived at the remote Clos d’Hullias as it started to rain. The Clos is a hillside hamlet in which all the houses are Gites. The ceremony setting had spectacular views to the Cervennes and the Bride and Groom were lucky as a break in the clouds meant the rain stopped and the ceremony went ahead – a little delayed – but as planned, well almost….. Microphones can be troublesome and this time – despite the professional set up, it only took the caterers turning on their ovens to overload the system and blow the main fuse and we had no sound! Ray, professional as ever - battled on and the tri-lingual ceremony continued whilst they sorted the problem. Sound returned just in time for the vows. A minor hiccup in the end which didn’t spoil the day – thank goodness! Another night in Alés and then we were heading west again towards Montpellier and then north towards Clermont Herault. Sarah and Peter’s wedding was at Mas Pandit, a wonderful place for holidays with kids – and there were 30 of those! Sarah came in with her two young sons and the couples baby daughter blissfully slept through the whole affair. They had even arranged for a sweet table for the children, who all behaved beautifully during the ceremony. Sarah and Peter had engaged wedding planners/ caterers from Montpellier and local photographer Malvina as well as the Borsolino Trio to play for the entrance of the Bride and exit and also for the Vin D’honor. They had even found some stiltwalkers to entertain the children and adults after the ceremony! All our brides looked amazing, beautiful gowns and wonderful flowers. We eventually arrived home late Sunday evening, tired and happy – to a welcome invitation to supper from our good friends and neighbours - it had been a very successful weekend. www.southfrancevillas.com/holiday-villa-rental/languedoc/domaine-fontaine-du-mas-sleeps-30 www.hullias.com www.country-kids.com www.fleurchallis.co.uk www.malvinaphoto.com www.atelier-nomade.fr www.facebook.com/Le-Trio-Borsalino-236106476432116/?fref=ts
by Cherry - 10:12 on 02 June 2016
Wow – Here we go again! Three very different weddings in three days and the first two are in the far east of our area. Having looked at the map and calculated the driving time it makes sense to stay over, especially with all the strikes at the moment and possible fuel shortages. Can you imagine being stuck without fuel on the way to a wedding? That just can’t happen! So we booked a hotel for a couple of nights in Alés, north of Nimes. Next I check the weather forecast as most of our ceremonies take place outside – Looking good – That’s a relief after all the rain we have had this spring. The newest worry is - Will all the guests and even the couples be able to get here if the air traffic controllers strike threatened at the weekend goes ahead. Planning a wedding abroad is stressful enough for our Brides without all this extra stuff going on – I fell really sorry for them. But we have to travel hopefully and wish for good things to happen. We must make sure all the things we are responsible for are in place and ready, from finalising the scripts and printing them to preparing personalised remembrance candles and coloured sand jars for our Unity Ceremony. We take all this with us along with a table and cloth – a bit like a travelling magician – We arrive and set up where ever the couple want us. We have conducted ceremonies at Posh chateaus, Old Domains, Chapels, B&B’s Gardens, Ruined grain stores, Villas, Lavender fields, Vineyards, the list is endless. There are some really lovely places to get married here and many are run by expats. The first wedding is at an old domain called La Fountaine du Mas, which has been converted into several luxury Gites in their own grounds. Ideal for a family wedding taking place as part of a bigger family holiday. The couple’s two small children will have a role to play in the ceremony too. The second wedding is a bi-lingual affair in English and French, with a little Spanish thrown in for good measure. It’s a good job Ray is good at languages! The French Groom will be saying his vows in French and his English/Spanish bride will be saying hers in English. Their venue is Le Clos D’Hullias. A luxury B&B in the Gard. The third wedding is different again as there will be over thirty children there along with the brides two small sons. They have booked a venue that specialises in holidays for kids and are having a week-long holiday with all their friends. It’s at Mas de Pandit in the Herault. Well keep your fingers crossed everyone that they all go without a hitch - Excuse the pun! And I look forward to telling you all how they went next week. www.southfrancevillas.com/holiday-villa-rental/languedoc/domaine-fontaine-du-mas-sleeps-30 www.hullias.com www.country-kids.com
by Cherry - 13:44 on 30 May 2016
Puissentut wedding
by Cherry - 19:30 on 27 May 2016
As the 2016 season gets under way.
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